Aqualillies For Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance 12-Hour Lipstick

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I am a huge fan of lipstick. You will be hard-pressed to find someone who could rival my love for lipsticks… especially matte lipsticks. That being said, I am also one of the pickiest lipstick users on the planet. I will only wear certain brands of lipsticks for a number of reasons ranging from my easily irritable skin to my need for sufficient moisture.

Tarte has been one of my go-to lip brands for years. Their lip tints are some of my favorite products to use on a daily basis. Their newest lip product is the Aqualillies For Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance 12 Hour Lipstick. Timeless- the bright coral color that the lipstick comes in- is a fairly versatile color. It would look good on a number of different skintones. It has more pink undertones than orange, which is why it has the potential to look great on everyone. As far as the feel of the lipstick goes, it is truly magnificent. I do not feel like I am missing the moisture I could get with chapstick. It feels very silky and smooth the entire time it is on. It is quite unlike many lipsticks in that it provides moisture instead of sucking your lips completely dry. Many lipsticks do just that and eventually crumble leaving your lips feeling incredibly dry at the end of the day.

The issue I had was with the claim that it would last for 12 hours. It did not. It lasted for about four hours before I had to reapply. The color was faded at three hours, and it was starting to leave the ever dreaded ring around the edges of the lips at just over four hours. After reapplying, it went back to being bright and vivacious.

Overall Aqualillies For Tarte Glamazon is a good product. Is it as good as their lip tints? No, it isn’t. However, it does provide significantly more color than the tints. It all depends on what you are looking for in your lipwear for the day.

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