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With celebrities on the red carpet 24/7, they’ve got to look spectacular all the time. So how exactly do stars like Megan Fox, Victoria Beckham and Drew Barrymore have in common to get those hot bods? Their diets! Here are the best celebrity diets, that you may or may not have heard of.


The 5-Factor Diet

Megan Fox has always been on the top of multiple lists as one of the hottest celebrities around. With her body in summer condition all the time, the actress subscribes to the 5 factor diet. The 5-Factor Diet by Harley Pasternak is things in sets of five, such as meals that have 5 ingredients or less and 25 minute exercises in 5 minute circuits done 5 times a week. This diet promises a lowered and stabilised blood sugar rate with 5 balanced meals a day, which would give you mood and energy all day long!

Celebrities who go by this lifestyle can pretty much assure everyone else that their favourite number is 5, and after you try out this diet, we’re pretty sure that it’ll be yours too!


The Alkaline Plan

Former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham follows the Alkaline Plan, which aims to keep the body’s pH balance levels between 7.35 and 7.45. Most of the diet consists of ingredients such as fruits and veggies and small to no amounts of acid forming foodstuffs such as dairy and meat. If Posh Beckham isn’t good enough to hook you onto this diet, nothing will be.

Other famous celebrities who follow this plan would include the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow.


The Beauty Detox Solution

After Drew Barrymore’s baby delivery came the pounds to shed, but strangely enough the star seemed to step out looking exactly like she did before the pregnancy. Her secret? Celebrity nutritionist, Kimberly Synder’s solution, called the Beauty Detox Solution! Following a mostly plant-based diet, this program has the added bonus of juicing! Get ready for lots of leafy greens, especially kale.

Even Fergie subscribes to this program, so we can definitely assure you that your booty will be Fergilicious.


Baby Food Diet

Go a little Gaga with this diet which Lady Gaga has tried. This diet plan which was implemented by the celebrity trainer, Tracy Anderson, involves, as the name suggests, baby food. The diet cuts out your first two meals of the day and replaces it with baby food while your dinner remains the same. This diet is supposed to help cut calories and control your diet as the jars are extremely small, and the calories are always listed.

Other celebrities who have tried this diet would include Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, so grab a spoon and try this diet!


Macrobiotic Diet

If you wanna be a Material Girl, the first step is probably be to follow this diet that Madonna swears by. This extremely rigorous diet cuts out eggs, meat, dairy and wheat and encourages the consumption of “sea vegetables”. Things that fall into this category of “sea vegetables” would include foodstuffs such as seaweed, kelp and kombu. Foodstuffs in this category also have the benefits of preventing aging and chronic diseases as well as lowering your cholesterol, amongst a long list of other benefits.

We can definitely see why Madonna would subscribe to this diet, since it keeps her looking young, “Like a Virgin”.


Now that you know all the best celebrity diets to follow, get off that butt, dump those cookies and soft drinks into the bin right now and get moving! You can definitely transform your body with the right diet and exercise!



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