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Better Digestion with Gluten Free Diet

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Although the gluten free diet is primarily designed for those with the celiac disease, it can be used by anyone for a number of health benefits it provides. The diet came into prominence when it was discovered it helps people whose small intestine is sensitive to gluten, the so-called celiac disease. Since, the diet has become very popular as weight losing diet as well, because eliminating gluten usually means eating less unhealthy foods.

Which Foods are Rich in Gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in grains like wheat, barley, rye, and corn. Because these grains are commonly used in our diets, anyone can get in touch with gluten. This means that gluten can be found in almost every type of snack, pastries, cookies and candies. In fact, gluten is so common that the processed foods that don’t have it are usually labeled gluten-free.

Apart from pastas and pastries, other foods that are known for being rich in gluten include potato and tortilla chips, processed meats, French fries, and even beer. All kinds of flour usually contain high amounts of gluten. When it comes to rice, soy, and quinoa, they shouldn’t have gluten, unless mixed with other foods.

Benefits of Eliminating Gluten from Your Diet

Apart from obvious benefit it has on your small intestine, gluten free diet can also help you lose weight. This protein doesn’t have a direct impact on fat metabolism, but gluten is usually a part of foods that do have an impact. Gluten is commonly found in grains that are made of carbohydrates, which are used by the body as the fuel. Eliminating those foods from your diet will allow your body to metabolize its own fat.

Is Gluten Free Diet Difficult?

A few decades ago, it would be rather difficult to find foods that don’t contain gluten. In fact, you would’ve had to focus your entire diet solely on meat and vegetables. Luckily, today, there are lots of products that are gluten-free, including pastries and pasta. Still, even today, the majority of carbohydrate-rich foods contain this protein, so it is necessary to check for labels and get only those products that are gluten-free.


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