Breast augmentation implant

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most common and the most popular operation in cosmetic surgery. Whatever the reason might be for deciding on this kind of surgery, you can be almost certain that everything is going to go as planned. This is a routine operation which quickly gives a nice result.

Who Should Do It?

Any woman who feels that her breasts are too small is a potential candidate for this sort of surgery. It’s up to medicinal team of the hospital whether the health condition of the person allows them to have the surgery.

How is the Breast Augmentation Done?

Prostheses used for breast augmentation can be placed either under the fascia or below the muscle (just below the gland). When it comes to young women who have yet to have children, that is to breastfeed, the implants are placed under the muscle, i.e. away from the glandular tissue of the breast. For other patients, the latest techniques of placing implants under the fascia usually applied.

Two Types of Implants

It is very important that during the initial examination, you tell your surgeon what exactly you want. You need to be clear and tell exactly what kind of breasts you want and what you expect from the surgery. The surgeon will then review all of the options, including the position of the cut, as well as the size, shape and volume of the implant.

Generally, there are two possibilities – round or anatomical implants (natural form). When the cosmetic surgeon gives you all the details related to both kinds of implants, making the final decision will not be that hard.


The whole procedure lasts for a couple of hours, while the patient is advised to stay in the hospital for a day. When it comes to pain after the surgery, it is very rare. In fact, if the implants are placed under the muscle, pain and discomfort are impossible to happen.

The first month after the surgery is crucial. It is important not to lift heavy stuff nor do any kind of physical work. In fact, it is advisable that during that period you avoid driving a car. To keep the wound protected and the implants in the right place, wearing a special medicinal bra is recommended.



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