Classic red lip

Summer Trend: The classic red lip is back

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The Spring/summer 2016 runways were packed with new makeup trends for the upcoming summer. It seemed, however, that a large majority of the world’s top designers were set on two very specific looks: the vibrant blue eyeshadow and the classic red lips.

Now before we get overwhelmed, as this is a lot of look, these are two separate looks (although, for you bold girls out there I say go for it!). Both of these summer trends are quite strong statements so initially, you might be reluctant to try them. Fear not, we are here to help to ensure you look on trend and confident pulling it off.

The classic red lip is back

The red lips have always been finding their way back into fashion, and they always will. The sexy red lip can be traced back in the 1930s and was made into an iconic look by Marilyn Monroe. To this day it remains as one of the most sensual alluring looks a woman can wear, as red is the ultimate color of passion. This year red lipstick is worn practically on its own. Just tap a bit of concealer where needed and you’re ready,

With the growing popularity of matte lipsticks, red has never been easier to wear for us gals who love a bold lip. Remember, as it is summer we recommend using a warmer shade of red. Cold shades usually work better in autumn and winter time. MAC’s Le Vie En Rogue or the super affordable Pure Red by NYX are both great choices.

To assure the color pops and stays on your lips throughout the day I recommend powdering your lips before applying, this way the color payoff is even stronger. With bold colors I recommend always using a lip liner. Not only does it enable you to draw on the desired shape, the oils in the product ensure the lipstick doesn’t “bleed” into the fine lines around your lips. To sharpen the edges use some light concealer on a lip brush and carefully line the edges.

Blue mood on the eyes

Blue is definitely a statement color. The trick to wearing this like a true fashionista is choosing complimentary shades that go with it. As the eyes will be the center of attention try combining it with a nude lip or some gloss. Also, I would highly recommend using an eyeshadow primer so you don’t have to worry about creasing and smudging.

Blue is a fun color so experiment with the looks you create. Try NARS’s Outremer for a very vibrant smokey eye, or the metallic Riviera palette from Chanel for a more shimmery look. Another option, which was seen on various runways, was to line the eyes with blue eyeliner pencil. A big trend is cobalt blue eyeliner which is applied in the waterline and lining the eyes in a slight cat eye shape. Top makeup artists praise the waterproof eyeliner in Fervent Blue by Chanel.

Summer is the time of the year we relax and enjoy ourselves. Let this season’s trends reflect our playful spirits with these vibrant fun looks!

Eye makeup

The right makeup to enhance your eye shape

We all want the sexy defined eyes that draw you in. Like those of red carpet celebrities and models from the latest makeup ad. Sans Photoshop, how do you achieve the best look for your eye shape?

What eye shape are you?

Eyes, like people they are attached to, come in a million different shapes and sizes. With the right use of makeup, we can enhance them in any way we please. No matter what shape your eyes come in you can you can make them pop with the right makeup.

Small eyes: if you have small eyes chances are you want them to appear bigger. A big mistake lots of woman make is that they line the eye with dark colors, thinking this will make them look more defined.  The result is the opposite; that much black around your eye actually makes them look smaller. Instead, use white eyeliner inside your waterline and lower lid. Take a small brush and softly apply your eyeshadow just underneath the lash line. Use an eye pencil or apply the same color on the upper lid as well creating a soft eyeliner effect. To finish it off add a light shimmer on the inner corner of the eyes. Don’t forget mascara or even fake lashes, as eyelashes really open up your eye! Celebrity example: Taylor Swift

Wide-set eyes: in order to make your eyes appear closer together firstly extend the eyebrow inwards with filling it in with some brow definer. Use your crease color and apply it on the inside of the eye. Blend it outwards you eye socket. For a dramatic look apply to the inner lower lid as well. Finish it off with blending in a lighter complementary shade on the outer eye corner.  Now you can use eyeliner to can create an optical illusion with actually elongating your line in towards the inner corner of your eyes thus making them look closer together. Celebrity example: Kate Moss.

Close-set eyes: this time you do the opposite. Apply your dark eyeshadow on the outer corner of the eye, extending the eye into a cat shape. You can use the same color or a medium tone for your eye socket.  Don’t bring your eye socket shade in further than 2/3 of the length of the eye. On the inner corner of the eye apply a light highlight shade. You can use shimmer as well. Now you can use your eyeliner to draw on a playful cat eye to the outer courier of the eyes. Celebrity example: Jennifer Aniston.

Deep-set eyes: for people with a very prominent eyebrow bone it is necessary to bring the eye forward. This is done best with the use of a shimmer eyeshadow on the upper lid. Shimmer reflects light and pulls things forward. Add some shimmer on the lower lid as well. Now apply a crease color. If your natural socket is less visible blend the socket color upwards towards your brow bone to create an illusion. Apply the darkest color to the corner of your eyes thus focusing attention on your beautiful eye shape instead. Celebrity example: Kiera Knightley.

Contour and Highlight makeup.

Contouring: Sharpen your makeup knowledge

Contouring is one of the most fashionable beauty trends there are right now, with celebrities swearing by it to give your face a sharper, more defined look. However, there are so many types of contouring products out there that it’s hard to pick one that’s best suited for you, so here’s the definitive guide that you’ll need to pick out what’s suitable for your skin type.

Oily Skin:

Those with oily skin should steer clear of cream products as they tend to shift more easily through the day, especially when you have oily skin. Cream products also tend to “cake” onto oily skin and that’s not the kind of makeup anyone wants. Powder contour products would be a much better choice, as they would also help mattify the skin on top of staying in place.

A good powder product would be the highly raved Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit if you’re looking for something more high end. However, a really effective dupe would be the Australis On Tour Powder Contouring and Highlighting Palette for a much smaller price and for almost the same effect.

Dry Skin:

For those with a dry skin type, cream foundations would be perfect for you! Since your skin is dry, it provides the greatest base surface for the cream foundations not to shift. It’ll also provide a form of moisture that your skin needs and it won’t accentuate patchy spots like powder contours will.

A good cream contour can come in two forms, either in a palette or in a stick form. Palettes offer a wider range than sticks so this would be a better choice for you if you haven’t decided what shades you prefer. A wonderful palette to invest in would be Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit, but for those on a budget, the E.L.F. Cream Contour Palette would be a great swap for it’s extremely low price.

Stick contours can be so much faster and easier to bring around, so it’ll probably be good to invest in a handy one like Lancome’s “Le Duo” Contour and Highlight Stick which you can use to blend on the go with your favourite Beauty blender. This can prove to be a bit on the luxury or high-end side, so NYX’s Wonder Stick would work really well for you if you’re tight on a budget.

Hopefully, this article on contouring has managed to sharpen your makeup knowledge, and edged you a little closer to trying out your hand at the contouring trend.