NARS Summer 2016 – Dual Intensity Blush

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I love blush. Many people underestimate the power of blush. They don’t understand just how useful it can be in contouring. It is nearly as important as your bronzer. it is incredibly important to have different colored blushes to use. Depending on the event, season, and time of day, your blush color will vary; that is why the new Nars dual intensity blush palette is such a godsend.

There are two different pallets that Nars came out with for this summer line. The first is Liberation. The next is sexual content. Liberation has softer colors, a mauve and a baby pink, and looks good on all lighter tones. Sexual content has a darker Plum / Brown based blush to accompany the lighter peach color. The Sexual Content palette is more suited for darker skintones. The other wonderful thing about these blushes is that they can be used wet or dry. When a more natural day look is required, use them dry. When a more dramatic night look is more suitable, use them wet. It’s a miracle sent from the makeup powers that be.

I have always loved Nars cosmetics. While they are pricey, they are well worth it. They go on beautifully, stay on for an entire day, and provide perfect color and pigment for any event. This blushes live up to the very high standards I hold Nars to. I used the libation pallette, as I have fair skin, and I was very pleased with the glow I appeared to have all day long. I used the blushes dry, and I was not disappointed. They stayed on all day and provided the natural look I was going for.

The one thing I might knock on the blush about is the amount of shimmer it has. Personally, I am a huge fan of shimmer blush; that being said, there is quite a bit of glitter and shimmer in these blushes. If you prefer matte products, these would not be for you. If you are a fan of the shine, then you’ll love it.

In the end, I was incredibly pleased with Nars dual intensity blush palette. It wasn’t surprising that Nars lived up to its reputation, but it is still nice to know the brand I trust has yet to let me down.