AC Australis On Tour Palette in Light

I was quite excited to try out the AC Australis On Tour palette because due to a smaller budget I was unable to get the Anastasia Contour Palette and I hear this was a really good dupe.

Firstly, I got the palette selected for lighter skin as the other palettes were all sold out. I’m a shade 40 for Make Up For Ever foundation so I was a bit sceptical as to whether this would suit me. Upon opening the Australis palette, I found that it had 6 shades, 3 for highlighting and 3 for contouring. This gave me quite a decent range for variety and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the shades were indeed quite a similar shade to that of the Anastasia palette.

After setting my base foundation, I went in with a pale yellow, which was the second highlighting shade using the Sigma Tapered Kabuki Brush (F86). This was used under the eyes, on the middle of the head and a little on the chin. This was a fantastic colour that I really loved and the shade that I found to be the best on this palette. It was a very natural highlight and it also smoothed over a lot of flaws the foundation didn’t catch.

I bronzed up my face with the second contouring shade. The thing about this is that it has a very concentrated pigmentation and it was quite difficult to blend out. You really have to lightly tap your brush onto the pigment and blow on it before proceeding to brush it lightly onto your face. Blending is also extremely key when it comes to this product.  This shade wasn’t that great for bronzing, but it was the best option amongst the lot and it was quite good for contouring small features such as the nose.

I contoured with the last contouring shade on the palette, which is the best contouring shade I have ever tried so far. It wasn’t muddy at all, which was one of my fears before purchasing the palette, and it was great for giving a natural sharp look. This was applied with the Real Techniques Contouring Brush and a very light hand.

I used the last highlighting shade to highlight my cheekbones, tip of my nose and the cupid’s bow and again, it had a great pigmentation that I really loved. It didn’t shimmer to the point of being unbearable but gave my face a soft rosy glow.

Lastly, I used the first highlighting shade to highlight the inner corners of my eyes. This was quite a similar shade to “Virgin” on my Naked palette by Urban Decay which is exactly what I usually use for my inner corners.

I really really loved the AC Australis On Tour palette and it’s such a huge steal for only SGD$24.90 compared to the other palettes out there. I think if you usually have a medium skin tone, the light shades on this palette would work well for you too! This gets an overall rating of 4.5/5 due to the easily workable shades, the only downside being the need to blend very heavily if you apply too much pigment.