MAC Eyeshadow in shade “Humid”

I’ve always loved M.A.C’s lipsticks so I decided to get their powder eyeshadows when I saw it on sale. I grabbed a couple of them, one of them being “Humid” a sage-like green with a little shimmer. This was my favourite colour of the lot that I grabbed and was very unique.

As with all M.A.C products, this eyeshadow was extremely pigmented with a light swipe. I tried out the application of this product using both a flat eyeshadow brush as well as my finger.

The application with the brush involved light packing of the eyeshadow onto the lid. This gave it a lovely deep shade and it kept in place with no fallout of product, a problem I usually face with packing on other eyeshadows. When I blended out the product with my Naked palette’s shade “Creep”, it took a little bit of effort to get it perfectly blended. Nevertheless, I was quite thrilled with the outcome, a soft green smoky eye that seemed on the bold side without being overbearing.

For my other lid, I used my finger for application. Firstly, I did a preliminary sweep across my eyelids with the product, which gave some colour, but not quite a lot. Most of the product was still left on my finger. I swiped the product about twice more before beginning to pack it in. This is a method I usually use when I use my fingers to apply eyeshadow and it gives a finish similar to one with a brush, albeit with less precision. This product was no different but there was a little bit of fallout of the product onto my cheeks. I tried to blend it with my fingers, but that was never my strongest suit so I gave up and used my brush instead. Blending with fingers gave it a softer look around the edges but the middle was a little too heavy for my liking.

Overall, I really liked M.A.C’s “Humid” eyeshadow, and given my experience with this eyeshadow, it’s something I would definitely consider purchasing again.  The price of SGD$25 is very reasonable for the quality and brand name of M.A.C and the product is really so good to the point that I would gladly fork over more. I foresee this product lasting quite a long time due to the pigmented nature of it, so I say, look at it as more of an investment than a purchase. This product gets a 4.5/5 and I would definitely recommend getting it!