Catrice Multi-Colour Compact Powder shade

I’ve bought quite a number of Catrice products, but they mostly fall under the category of eyeliners and lip products. Catrice is a drugstore brand, but most of it’s products are made in Poland and Italy, so I was quite attracted to the brand. It’s products have pretty much been fantastic from what I’ve experienced, so I would recommend this brand for anyone looking for fantastic, cheap makeup.

The product I decided to try was the Multi-Colour Compact Powder for Lighter Skin. I figured that this could be used as more of a setting powder unless you’re looking for a lighter coverage. The five shades mixed in the compact is meant to even out the complexion and give it a softer, natural finish. I tested out this product in two instances, one as a setting and mattifying powder and another as a light powder coverage.

When I used it as a finishing powder on top of my other makeup, it gave my face a kind of pinkish glow. I didn’t really appreciate this because it made the coloring of my face seem a little off on top of my foundation. This was one of the greatest put offs for me, but it wasn’t too obvious. It worked it’s mattifying purpose well and I was quite pleased to note that it didn’t look cakey on top of my foundation at all.

Since it gave my skin too much of a pink note, I had higher hopes for it as a bare base. This proved true as it gave my skin a natural glow that made it seem really healthy, and the best part was that it looked like I was wearing no makeup at all! It provided a light coverage, but it was really quite sufficient to cover some of my dark acne marks. I think the five different shades used in the powder aided in this as many other light coverage products have not been able to cover as much.

I’m genuinely surprised and pleased by this product, especially with it’s multi-functions and low price. It’s honestly such a steal and is one of the better compact powders that I’ve tried. I’ve never actually trusted compact powders with various colours which boast a natural finish, but Catrice’s Multi-Colour Compact Powder for Lighter Skin has got me hooked! This product gets a 4/5 thanks to it being a fantastic deal.