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The trends of nail art are ever changing, so I’ve decided to nail down the top 3 classic designs that have reigned for a long time, and show you what have to switch up to keep in with 2016’s new styles.

Trend Tip #1:

French tips will always remain in-style, but it doesn’t always have to be white on nude. Change up your game by colorblocking your manicure with contrasting colors to give your nails that vibrant pop! This is one of the simplest yet most elegant and fun looking manicures that you could create, depending on the color scheme you choose.

How to nail it:

You can purchase French Tip sticker guides from your nearest beauty store for less than $2 for a pack of 10 or 20. If you can’t get your hands on these sticker guides, you can also use paper reinforcements (which can be found at any stationery store) or scotch tape.

Trend Tip #2:

Gradient designs are the cutest and most versatile of nail art designs, so while most people would traditionally have it go from a lighter to a darker shade or vice versa, explore your color palette by using different shades to fit a mood. If you want to take it to the next level, play with glitter gradients to get a sparkle that’s bound to light up any party!

How to nail it:

Gradient designs are usually done with sponges to achieve a smoother transition between the two colors as sponges spread the polishes more evenly.

Another method would be using a fan brush to create a more obvious distinction between the colors. This method would be preferred if you want to use less nail polish to achieve your designs as the brush does not soak up as much polish as a sponge.

Trend Tip #3:

Accent nails have been hailed as the “in thing” since the mid 2000s, but the fashion of it has constantly been changing. Solid colors are of course the most classic choice you could go for, but fancy accent nails can help spice up your manicure! When you don’t have enough time to complete a full blown intricate manicure, focus on making that one accent nail stand out and fit the rest of the nails to follow that scheme, to really let your hard work shine!

How to nail it:

Use your creativity! Draw up a design from scratch, search up your favourite pattern or improvise off another nail art design. Accent nails don’t need to be fancy, but the most important thing to remember is that the leading woman is nothing without her ensemble, so be sure to make sure the design pulls together with the rest of your nails!

Have fun trying out these styles and be sure to experiment with all your designs because you never know if you’ll be the one creating the new “in” thing!


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