Hollywood beauty castor oil

Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil Hair Treatment with Mink Oil

Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil is a hit product along stars and models which moisturize and restore natural sheen to hair and scalp. Helps prevent split ends and breakage. Excellent conditioner for natural, pressed, relaxed or color treated hair. Comes with a white-green and include 213 gram of actual product. Contain ingredients like castor oil, mink oil, coconut oil, almond oil, vitamin E and cocoa butter. It contains parabens and petrolatum.

Recommended as a conditioner for babies’ hair and skin however there’s a warning on the packing that “might burn hair”. Do not recommend for oily hair or oily scalp.

To use this item in a proper way I had to apply it on my dry hair and scalp (however applying on wet hair is possible too).  Usually I leave Castor Oil on my head for a couple of hours for better effect. After few hours passing by I clean my hair with everyday shampoo (It might not come out at first so you need to wash your hair at least 2 times in a row) dry and brush.

At first I was really excited with this product. I was shocked of results it supposed to give and had highly expectations about it. With a regular using my hair grown a bit more than usual but condition of  my scalp got a much worse than before using. What’s more I had problems to wash off this product and brush my hair after using Castor Oil. However it gave my hair a shiny look and they were quite soft.

Consistency of this product is rich and reminds of butter or Vaseline. Coconut scent is strong and I felt it all the time on my hair even after washing the product off. Has a creamy-white color but is colorless when applied to the hair. Packaging is simple and functional.

Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil hair treatment might not fit to any hair type and what’s more it’s really hard to remove if you put too much amount of it at once. Mink oil works great on hair and scalp however this ingredient is a bit controversial because company never said how they get mink oil. Smell is quite strong and might be a bit disturbing if you are willing to keep Castor Oil on your head for a while. It gave results but not that spectacular ones however it’s worth trying.

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