Kpop Beauty Routine

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Kpop Beauty

Annyeonghaseyo! You’ve probably seen the perfect K-pop idols who not only have beautiful faces, but smoking bodies as well, and you’re wondering how to achieve just that? Well, with these special Kpop beauty routine that all the stars follow, you’ll soon have abs like T.O.P and glowing skin like Krystal.

Glowing Skin

Firstly, eating right is important to get the coveted glow, so be sure to load up on things like Green Tea, Brown Rice and Fish. If you wanna get a little Korean flavoring into your food, throw on some Kimchi as an appetiser. Green tea has plenty of antioxidants and there are many studies out there that show’s how it has anti-aging and slimming properties. Brown rice contains a higher nutritional content as compared to white rice and has more fibre and protein too. Kimchi is a traditional fermented cabbage dish from Korea, which, thanks to the fermentation, has lactobacillus. This bacteria is the same one found in yoghurt and can help with digestion and maintains your eyesight.

After grabbing all that nutrition, you’ll have to load up on some Korean beauty products. Things such as sheet masks and snail extract can greatly help in reducing and preventing any wrinkles and moisturizes your skin to ensure a healthy glow. Brands such as Innisfree and Skinfood would fall under some of Korea’s favourite choices when it comes to skincare products.

Smoking Body

Kpop idols work extremely hard to get their bodies, and everything they do in their daily routines contribute to that. While some of their workout regimens can get a little insane, some workouts are actually doable, and can get quite fun (albeit being very sweaty).

Girls’ Generation shot into the spotlight with their incredible leg workouts which keeps the lower body extremely toned. Following the ratio of 5:3:2, where the thigh is the thickest and strongest part of the leg (5), 3: being the smaller but tough calf and 2: being the thinnest part of the legs, this workout is bound to make you break into a sweat. This works best with a buddy, so grab a friend, turn up that Girls’ Generation song, and we guarantee that Girls’ Generation will make you feel the heat.

You can check out the workout here.

Meanwhile, EXO follows a slightly more lenient martial arts schedule, which trains the entire body. Using various forms such as Brazilian Ju Jitsu and Taekwondo amongst many, it’s a great lighthearted way to get active! Many schools all around the world teach these skills and what’s more, it’s a good form of self-defense too.

You can check out the workout here.

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