Lush Avocado Co-Wash

A Glossy Mane: A Review of Lush Avocado Co-Wash

Those of you who shun shampoo will know how hard it is trying to source a conditioner that doesn’t leave hair too oily, heavy, or just feeling unwashed! Luckily, some brands have picked up on this hair care trend and have designed products to be used without shampoo. If you are into or interested in co-washing, then the Avocado Co-wash from Lush is the product to try! Co-washing is the technique of washing hair without shampoo, and users normally just wash their hair with a conditioner that suits them. This method of washing means that hair isn’t stripped of its naturally protective oils.

The smell of the Lush Avocado Co-wash is divine; it lingers on your hair all throughout the day. The scent comes from its natural ingredients: cocoa butter, cupuacu butter, avocado, rosemary, lavender and nettle. The result is surprising! Like most Lush hair products I have tried, the result is only noticeable once the hair is perfectly dried. I let it air dry and then ran the brush through it, my hair was soft and shiny with minimal effort! All I did after this was apply some hair serum to the ends. I initially chose the Avocado Co-Wash because I have slightly damaged and dry hair. I have naturally curly hair, which I had straightened. It looks good and it is healthy, but chemical processing of any kind is always going to have a negative effect on your hair. If that sounds like you and you are experiencing dry or damaged hair, why not try it? If your hair is dry it could be simply because your natural oil is being stripped out by your shampoo.

The Lush Avocado Co-wash cleans in a delicate way, so your hair and scalp can obtain some sense of moisture balance. It is expensive. However, think of it as a 2 in 1 product. If you are trying to justify the purchase, all you need to do is add up how much you usually spend on shampoo AND conditioner combined. Easy! This one product replaces the two, so depending on your hair length, you might find it more cost effective. I mention hair length because long haired girls, like me, tend to use a lot more. It is expensive, but it is dreamy. It is a really nice treat and would make a very beautiful gift. Try it today, your hair will thank you!

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