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Natural Skin Care Tips

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Natural skin care products can contain both natural extracts of plants or animals, thus they are healthy and effective in bringing out the best from your skin. Always keep in mind that natural are usually more expensive than synthetic ones, and that is due to its 100% natural constituents. You don’t have to buy a natural skin care product from the store, there are some homemade items you can use in creating your own natural product, these include the following;


The Honey face mask

This is one of the most popular natural face mask you can find at home.  This natural mask is anti-bacteria in nature, and it rejuvenates the skin from the inner layer. All you need to make this ho is a teaspoon of raw honey, then gently warm it before rubbing it in your palms and then spread it on your face. Let the honey mask remain on your face for about 5 minutes before rinsing off. Do this once a day and you will see how much change that will occur.



The orange solution for skin exfoliation and brighter skin 

Rough patches on your elbow and knee can be soften with the use of orange juice. All you need to do is to slice a large orange fruit into two, and then rub the half on the surface of your elbow and knees for about 2 minutes. Though the orange will smell good on you but you still have to rinse off after it has soften the rough patches on your skin.


The Olive oil with seal salt body scrub

This is a natural skin care solution that can help eliminate those dead skin cells and open up your skin pores for new, and healthier cells. Mix the olive oil with sea salt at ration 2:1 respectively, then use it as a body scrub for few minutes, to achieve the best possible result. Make sure you rinse with water thereafter. This gentle natural body scrub is far cheaper than any product you can find in stores.


The 0% toxic free coconut shaving cream

This natural cream is ideal for the men who often develop rashes and bumps after shaving. You don’t need any extra product for shaving, when you can run coconut oil on your hair leg or face and shave off the hair easily.

Any natural skin care you make from home must be used sparingly to ensure that your skin adjust to such application.



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