The Face Shop Peeling Gel

Gentle Exfoliation: A Review of The Face Shop Peeling Gel

Is dry skin bothering you? Do you want fresh skin? If you haven’t discovered it already, The Face Shop provides a really interesting range of innovative skin care lines. One thing that interests me is their line of peeling gels. Peeling gels are exfoliants, but not as we know them. I used to use the classic kernel-based scrub – I’m looking at you St Ives Fresh Skin Apricot! That’s a classic and it’s still a love of mine, but what interests me about these peeling gels is the lack of physical grains. Instead, they use natural fruit enzymes. It is meant to be gentle on skin yet while still achieving a fresh skinned result. I grabbed two bottles, because I couldn’t choose one. You need to apply the gel to a clean dry face taking care around your eyes, you don’t want enzymes in your precious eyes! Next you simply massage it into your face for a couple of minutes and then wash it off with warm water. Because they are relatively gentle, you can use them up to two times a week.


The Face Shop Peeling Gel – Jelly Apple smells like a juicy ripe apple! It’s probably not a good choice if get addicted to sweet smelling products, you could end up over exfoliating! Jelly Apple is listed as a ‘soft’ gel. It was really interesting to use because it just felt like rubbing in a lotion. But when I added water, it became a very serious gel. You do have to work hard to get it all off. Overall, my skin appeared instantly more polished. It definitely was a soft effect, and I do recommend it for anyone with problem skin. It would also be a great gift for a teen.


In the range of gels, this one is stronger compared to Jelly Apple. It has a light papaya scent – good for those of you who dislike sugary sweet skincare. I found this one to be significantly better at removing dead skin. It was also harder to wash off than the Jelly Apple, but I found it gave me a much greater exfoliating result. I really enjoyed using this product because my skin felt fresh and glowing after just one use, but it didn’t have that typical feel after using manual exfoliation. I did it the night before an important meeting, and I really noticed how much better my lotions soaked in and also how much better my makeup went on. Overall, I LOVE the Face Shop Peeling Gel – Mild Papaya. I use it at night before applying a night cream. If you want to wake up looking fresh, this is the scrub to buy! I’m converted – when it runs out it will be straight down to repurchase!


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