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Tummy Tuck to flatten your abdomen

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If you are among those people who find it very hard to get 6-pack-abs despite working out hard and dieting, you might want to think about abdominoplasty. Also known as tummy tuck, this cosmetic surgery is done in order to flatten the person’s abdomen by removing the excessive fat and skin. By doing this, you are making the abdominal muscles much more firm. There’s no faster way to gain 6 packs than doing a tummy tuck.

The candidate

Tummy tuck is a type of cosmetic surgery that can be done on anyone, as long as the person is healthy. However, it is recommended mostly for those whose abdomen tissues are loose and saggy. This is often the case with women after pregnancy. Similar thing happens to people who rapidly lost a lot of weight.

Also, abdominoplasty is recommended for elderly patients who already did a liposuction. Because liposuction is removing only the fat from the body, the skin on those persons might stay saggy. Because of that, a surgery is needed in order to remove the excessive skin.

How’s it Done?

The surgery needs to be done with the patient in general anesthesia. The whole process lasts on average about 5 hours, after which the patient should be monitored by the hospital staff for at least one more day. That way, it will be assured that no side effects to the patient could happen.


Full recovery from this procedure takes no less than 3 months, but the patients are advised to stay from hard work and heavy lifting only in the first couple of weeks.


When it comes to results of tummy tuck, they are seen right away. The excessive fat and saggy skin is removed, which means that with a healthy diet and regular exercise, the problem will not happen again.


Many people take the opportunity to do several surgeries at once. Usually, tummy tucking accompanies liposuction when the patient is an elderly person. Breast reduction and breast lifting are also surgeries that sometimes are done together with abdominoplasty. The same goes for hysterectomy.



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